Friday, July 30, 2010

Beta Table - IT WORKS!

I finally got the cnc up and running! To test it out and practice using Cambam and Mach3 I cut some trial projects in insulation foam.

1. Accuracy Test

To determine the accuracy of the machine a 2" square and circle were cut. The results are shown in the picture below.

The results were far better than I could have expected. They are not great in terms of what one can expect from a cnc but the x-axis in particular has a large amount of spring in it. Once the stiffness issues gets fixed I can start worrying about backlash. Once I move on from cutting foam I will redo this test to see what effect cutting resistance has on the results.

2. Mach3 Road Runner

The Mach3 demo roadrunner drawn using a roller ball pen. A second spring was inserted behind the pen insert and end of the pen body (inside the pen) to give resistance to downward pressure. This gives a consistent writing pressure and prevents the pen from being driven into the MDF and binding.

3. Involute Gear

Involute gear drawn using the same setup as above. G-code created using the gear generator in CamBam.

4. CamBam Drilling Tutorial

Created by simply following the CamBam drilling tutorial. Very easy to do and turned out very well.

5. Pulley

Drawn using the pulley generator in CamBam. This didn't turn out quite as well as hoped. I was a bit excited to move on to fancier things so I didn't try it again to determine if the problems were a result of the coding, the machine or the material. I have a feeling the foam is tearing on the tips causing the poor cut quality.

6. 2.5D Involute Gear

Again made using the gear generator in CamBam. Better finish than the pulley but inconsistent profiles for the teeth. 2" dia, 1/4" deep.

7. 3D Involute Gear

Same gear as above but with the top surface faced and the backside cut away.

8. Miter gear surface

Miter gear surface cut from a cad file from Rush Gears. The depth increment is 0.01". This one turned out really well with much improved consistency in the tooth profiles.

9. Hemisphere

Turned out really well until the Z-axis starting making grinding sounds. Two passes later it slipped ruining the piece.

10. Boat Hull

I'm tired of typing. The picture and video cover everything

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