Friday, July 23, 2010

Its a blog!

Welcome to my blog.

I've created this blog to record the progress, through success or failure, of the multitude of projects I work on in my spare time. I am an avid woodworker and DIYer with a constant list of projects on the go fighting for the time and money required to transform from an idea into a reality. Until now I have posted my work on a photo album on Facebook but this medium is not satisfactory for several reasons.

For one only my Facebook "friends" can see the posts. The internet is an amazing collection of ideas, instructions and tutorials for the DIYer. I doubt any project I have worked on has escaped the influence of information published on the internet or in a magazine. Creating my blog is a way to move from being an internet user to an internet contributor.

Throughout my posts I will try and detail my projects from the design phase through to construction and completion. This will be a challenge to record as I doubt I will remember to pick up a camera during key phases of building. One element I plan on implementing on all future projects is a budget. As I do not have limitless monetary resources I need to determine if a project is feasible before I begin. During the planning phase along with the necessary sketches and concept design I will develop an estimated budget to which I will aim to meet. After the project is complete I will revisit the actual spending to determine how well I fared. Hopefully this information will aid me in planning future projects and choosing suppliers as well as help others who are attempting a similar task.

On the surface this blog serves to log the progress of my endeavors. The ultimate goal is to inspire, aid and learn from individuals who share my passion for using their hands and minds to express their creativity.

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